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Agan Engineering Enterprises was founded in 1961 in the industrial area in the city of Bat-Yam.

Agan was the pioneer in the industrialized steel building field in Israel, and from its beginning developed and improved planning, production and assembly methods of industrialized steel buildings for a variety of uses in all life areas in Israel and throughout the world.

Agan products are used in commerce, industry, agriculture, transportation/air field facilities, sport, cooling houses, power plants, security facilities and more.

The company has professional and reliable administrative, planning and personnel teams which accompany the client throughout the acquaintance process with the company.

The company has a rich and proven experience in implementing projects small and large up to 40,000 square meters in Israel as well as abroad, including providing administrative and assembly teams abroad.

The company's offices and factories in Ashdod are extended over a large area and include comprehensive and modern production facilities which enable independent implementation and logistic capabilities for all the company's various requirements.

The company is a registered contractor for performing the production and assembly of is products, with ISO 9001 qualification on behalf of the Israeli Standards Institute and is also qualified as a verified contractor by some of the country's largest professional bodies.

Agan produces and markets (according to order) the following products:

  1. Rolled metal sheets for covering and protection in various shapes, colours and sizes.
  2. Rolled metal sheets with deep waves for casting floors/roofs.
  3. Flat galvanized/painted metal sheets according to order.
  4. Sheet metal and dressings (FLASHONG) according to order.
  5. "Z" and "C" cross section girders in various thickness and sizes.

Service and supply to the customer's door.