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Declaration of Quality

Agan Engineering Wnter Prises (1988) LTD. (hereinafter "The company") with its managers and workers is committed to a policy of quality in every aspect its actions. The quality system is activated and implemented according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard according to quality standards that define the system and the responsibility to implement standard demands, factory demands, clients' demands and acting in accordance with the clients' expectations. The company allocates various resources for the maintenance of a quality organizational system while maintaining the effectiveness of the organizational system.

The Main Quality goals of the Company Are:

1. Attaining the complete satisfaction of the customer, by a systematic understanding of the customer changing needs and their fulfillment.
2. Improving production processes.
3. Ongoing improvement of the quality of the products and their safety.

Quality of the Products

The company holds ongoing and regular internal inspection on its products' quality while at the same time the Standards Institution of Israel holds periodical inspections. The company's quality system acts according to a system of regulations, work instructions and specifications. This is a dynamic system and it changes according to the development of the different company products.

Measurement and Inspection

In order to ensure the compatibility of the processes and the products to the demands of the system of quality management in the company, a system of measurement and inspection is implemented on the products and processes. Along the entire production process there is a measurements inspection when the most prevalent measurements are width and length. Measurements are performed with calibrated measuring devices.

The following are Authorization and Standards Files


h5 h6 ISO_ENG
ISO_HEBREW 3811-h1 3812-h2
h3 h4